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Why is it Smarter to Hire a VA?

*Note packages can be customized to fit your needs/budget.

Why it is Smarter to Hire a Virtual Assistant over an On-Site Administrative Assistant?

Do you wonder why VA pricing seems higher than an on-site, in-house administrative assistant?

This will explain the difference in pricing between an on-site office administrative assistant and a virtual assistant. Contracting with a VA can actually be a cost saving over hiring a full-time, on-site administrative assistant!


In-house assistants are employees.  Employees must be paid weekly, or bi-weekly whether or not they actually worked the entire time. Most small businesses go through lulls and busy periods throughout the day, the employee must be paid whether they are busy or not!

Employees expect: 

  • Benefits such as medical, dental, vision 

  • Life insurance 

  • Paid time off 

You will have to provide them with:

  • Office space 

  • Furnishings 

  • Computer 

  • Equipment 

  • Programs

As a business owner, you are also legally responsible for:

  • Withholding their taxes

  • Providing W-2s at the end of the year

  • Workers Comp. Ins. 

  • Unemployment Ins. 

  • Paid breaks

As of 2017, the (average) rate for an in-house administrative assistant was $38,000/year or $23.00/hr., based on a 35-hour work week.  Source - Bureau of Labor Statistics: What does an Administrative Assistant handle?.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants can handle the typical in-house day-to-day duties that, in the past, could only be accomplished by an on-site administrative assistant. 

Virtual assistants are small business owners/Independent Contractors

Virtual Assistants, a.k.a  VAs are responsible for:

  • Paying their own Federal, State, and Local taxes 

  • Pay their own utilities

  • Covering their own medical, dental, vision and life insurance

  • Supply their own equipment

  • Supply their own office supplies

  • Supply their own internet

  • Supply their own office space

  • Supply their own furniture, and furnishings

This article in Wikipedia is a good overview of the VA business. Wikipedia article: What is a VA?

When you contract with a VA:

  • It is not a boss/employee relationship, it’s two equals collaborating to create a work/life balance. 

  • VAs are business owners and know what it takes to build your bottom line.

  • Many VAs specialize and get certified in specific niches such as Real Estate support.

  • VAs generally don’t need to be trained.

  • A good VA knows the importance of working efficiently. 

  • Time management and organization are skills that VAs must learn and excel in as they work with and for multiple clients.

  • VA’s come with experience and knowledge

  • A VA gives you the financial flexibility of contracting only during your busy periods, you don’t pay a VA for slack time.