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Business/Real Estate Agent Support Specialist

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Social Media Packages

*Note packages can be customized to fit your needs/budget.

Social Networking Gold Package

The ultimate all-inclusive social marketing package.  We'll build your brand image through Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, Google+, Pinterest, Linked In, YouTube.  Watch your social marketing fan base and social reputation grow without dedicating hours needed to make it happen.

  • Social media marketing

  • Facebook Marketplace ads

  • Monthly phone client consult calls

  • Daily Facebook engagement

  • Daily Tweets

  • Instagram and Pinterest, posts twice a week

  • Set up a Facebook group

  • Set up YouTube Channel

  • Populate YouTube channel with listing/business videos

  • Reputation Management

  • More fans and followers

  • More Clients and Sales

  • Strategy based on your target market

  • Build new relationships

  • Increased On-line presence

  • Set up your social networking profiles, branding, contact info. bio and more

  • Populate your pages with content, video, photos

  • Credibility as the expert in your field

  • Maintenance/Networking - Providing your followers with useful information

Social Networking Support

  • Ongoing support to existing social networking to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+

  • Maintenance/Networking -

  • Populating your social networks with local news, events, areas of interest.

  • Strategy based on your target market

  • Potential leads and potential referrals

  • Build new relationships

  • Increased On-line presence

  • Populate your Facebook page as well as Twitter with profile names, pictures, contact information, your bio, branding, testimonials and more

  • Gain credibility as the expert in your field

Social Networking Start up Bundle 

This basic package will get you set up with a basic Facebook profile and business page as well as Instagram, Twitter and Google+ with profile names, pictures, contact information, bio, branding. 

  • Increase social media presence.

  • Build relationships.

  • More followers.

  • More marketing exposure.

* clients may supply graphics and data.

Ongoing consulting and support

Monthly Rate Based on individual needs. 

  • Build Your Presence

  • Tips on Increasing Interactions

  • How to get more business

  • How to be more interesting

  • Tips on Social Media Advertising

  • Social Media Advertising support i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter advertising


*custom packages available.  Pricing and packages subject to change. 

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